Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 8-Travel plans

​TRAVEL PLANS!!!! we got those yesterday and have had a hard time focusing since then because we've been so excited to get out of this town! oh goodness! the gospel is true!

One thing I've learned this week is how much we need to be humble to accept the Lord's guidance. I was called out a few times this week in places I could improve, and sometimes I was willing and ready to change, other times I was willing and ready to make excuses, and not change. 

We studied Moroni 7 in class this week and I absolutely loved it! if you have time this week, read that! It's an incredible chapter and it answered a number of questions I had. try this: write down a question and then search for an answer. Use topical guide and keywords and all that, but find everything you can, and then write a little summary of what you learned as your answer. The scriptures can answer any question you have!

Look up the song "prayer of the children". It's beautiful, amazing, sad, and heartbreaking. I love it so much and wish I could listen to it right now! 

If you ever want to change something in your life, whether it's habits, desires, or even your nature, ask God to change it. If it is a righteous desire, and will make you more like him, He will ALWAYS help. Just believe that he will, and give your best effort, and ask him how, and he will help. 

On a week from Tuesday, we will be in ZAGREB CROATIA! I'll send a little document that details how to send packages and letters next week. But to be honest, they really don't want you to send packages, and if you do I'll have to pay some sum of money just to pick it up so that's no bueno :( but I think normal letters are fine! But I could be wrong!

Thanks as always for your prayers and support!

Elder Christensen

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