Sunday, August 14, 2016


#1 & 2-The sisters once again caught off guard
#3- Our district with our matching mission shirts!
#4- Flashing the 'serbski sam' which is basically like a serbian national pride sign that looks like a gang sign, but its patriotic so HA its okay :) if you really wanna hear the story behind it, you can ask me, or i'll say something about it next week. Or you all can look it up on the internet, cuz you can do that haha.
#5- Me next to a Tesla we saw on our temple walk. Basically one of the coolest, sleekest cars ever, and by far my favorite car ever. 
#6- Sister Brooklyn Downs, who was in my ward at BYU. She's going to Denmark.
#7- Got some new Serbian nametags, with my last name spelled right (haha its serbian, see if you can tell the difference)
#8- Us with our teacher Sestra Watts. She got back like 4 months ago, and then became a teacher pretty quick so she's a great teacher.
#9- My companion before his haircut. He needed it. Bad. haha.​

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